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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 26, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, president trump taking aim at the nation's tax code. we already know corporate tax rates could plummet but his plan could mean big changes for your wallet, too. we'll have the latest from first 100 days. metro riders listen up. you could be faced with major disruptions this friday and into the weekend what metro and its workers union are saying about a potential sick out if workers don't show up for work. i'm annie yu and i'll have the full report comin
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>> real life drama for former reality star. bachelor contestant chris souls under arrest accused of hitting and killing a neighbor. then fleeing the scene. we'll go live to tmz for all the details. here's a cycle for tray turner. >> and later, a record day for tray turner. the nationals infielder driving in seven runs and hitting just the third cycle in team history. we'll have all the highlights from his epic game. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ i want to ride my bicycle ♪ >> wonderful day to ride your bike at least i hope so. good day d.c. it's 9:01 on this wednesday april 26th. hopefully the weather is clearing up from the earlier rain we had. i'm maureen alongside allison seymour, steve chenevey and wisdom martin. holly morris has the morning off. >> that is great song. >> bicycle. >> i'm shocked you actuall
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>> okay. >> ♪ >> wisdom coming alive. >> also ahead this morning remember those muddy jeans that we showed you yesterday? this morning there's a new denim disaster that everyone is talking about online. we'll show it to you and coming up we'll talk about this whole mess. >> isn't that the denim disaster. >> i thought that was the denim disaster. >> we'll see. >> like i said i can beat that price and give you something that looks just like that. >> can't wait to hear the next chapter in that story. >> first of all let's talk about the weather it has been muddy out there. we'll go from spring to summer now in 24 hours. bring on the heat and the humidity just have to deal with a couple of lingering raindrops first. tuck is back with first check of the forecast. >> maybe winter a couple days ago. >> right. >> we were in the 40s to summer by saturday near 99 degrees. >> maureen, haven't cleared yet. we'll clear out later today. >> okay. >> still cloudy and gloomy out there early but today is that day of transition we get to look forward to sunshine by afte afternoon. and things should gradually get a lot nicer and even better a lot drier around here by afternoon. all right. our center
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can see it there with the wind field just to the east of us. east of ocean city, and temperatures are still on the cool side. still have the cloud cover and still locked in but winds out of the north and west now, we should start to see some gradual clearing you can kind of see that on the satellite/radar. this isn't going to pick up low lying fog we have out to the west once we get the fog out of here we have clearing skies and shield of clouds that's been ever present here since saturday should finally start to lift off to the east and we'll get the last of the sprinkles and the last of the showers and the last of the clouds to our east by afternoon and we'll be in for partial sunshine. so all in all not a bad looking forecast daytime highs expected to be around 70 degrees or so little later this afternoon there's a look at your satellite/radar. you can see the rain showers really well off to our north and east this morning. here's your forecast for your wednesday. 72 winds north and west five to ten getting those already look for clearing skies this afternoon and again very pleasant afternoon. summertime is on the seven day wait until you see it 80s maybe 90 around here by this weekend look at that coming up guys. back to you. >> thanks, tuck
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first at 9:00, thanks tuck. first at 9:00 and happening now hundreds of volunteers actors along with first responders across the dmv all taking part in massive drill to help them prepare for a terror attack. emergency medical personnel, police and fire officials along with those actors will participate in mock scenarios at six undisclosed locations in d.c., maryland and northern virginia. the exercises are expected to last until 4:00 this afternoon. try to remember that because my question earlier was, in the midst of it, like, how real will it look and will you remember it's only a drill. >> emergency calls will get from people who again know what's going on. >> right. >> big flurry of ang have the. >> hopefully they got the word out to the people in those ar areas. >> we've been trying. >> we've been trying, right. >> also ahead president trump takes aim at the nation's tax code. those ramifications could be huge. business tack rates could plummet under this proposal individual households may see big changes as well. >> the trick is getting the numbers to wor
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comprehensive tax reform is something that one administration after another has talked about doing. so the question is, can president trump succeed where others have failed given the political environment around here? >> can president trump crack the tax code? he will take a big swing at date and it could mean big savings for businesses, families and individuals. the headline will li likely be t corporate tax rate with the plan expected to slash the rate from 35% to 15. >> if you look at the corporate side in particular, we have become largely uncompetitive because of our rate. >> it's already been good for market growth. the dow has been on oh a tear lately with news of a possible tax overhaul which include cuts for small businesses, too. but what about the rest of us especially on the heels of tax season? individual rates could go down. and deductions could go up to the point where some would be better off taking the standard deduction over getting a break on mortgage interest. but that could have big consequences for home sales and home values. and while the
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doubt speak in broad strokes today, members of congress will have to start crunching the numbers. >> we've got to see the details and it's got to be something that's fair for small businesses as well as large and for working people. >> scepticism from some republicans, too, who worry about where all that money will come from. especially with the national debt now approaching $22 trillion. >> and now to the white house. will no longer argue tax cuts could lead to economic growth which can offset some of the costs but probably not all of them a lot of debate here. watch and see what the president does with the tax code today. >> big challenge. it could cost several trillion more dollars to put this in. i think a lot of taxpayers wish they would do much like with the business taxes and say that 25, 28% that you're paying now, let's cut that to 15 business. wouldn't that be nice. >> can you imagine. >> that would be nice. >> probably not going to happen. >> no. >> 9:06 is the time. happening today dozens of senators are expected to meet at the white house wit
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tensions with north korea. all 100 senators were invite to do today' meeting. secretary of state rex tillerson and secretary defense james mattis will also be there. the meeting comes one day after the united states moved a missile submarine into waters near north korea. meanwhile the white house is slamming a federal judge's decision to stop an executive order that would have blocked funding for so so called sanctuary cities. yesterday the san francisco based judge put the measure on hold while pending lawsuits from several other cities play out. the trump administrtion says the ruling quote under minds faith in our legal system this is the latest blow for the president's immigration policy this proposal travel bans have been blocked twice before. >> let's track metro at 9:00 o'clock. heads up for riders. you could have trouble getting around on friday. >> that's because metro's management says it's preparing for the possibility of a large scale sick out. >> annie yu is live this morning in hyattsville maryland with more now. annie?
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>> reporter: hey, good morning to all of you. you know i think this is one of those situations where we're going to have to wait and see how it plays out. we do know that metro is anticipating and bracing for a shortage of workers come friday into the weekend and that's because they say they have received an unusual amount of sick calls for this friday, and they're not revealing or they're not saying exactly how many employees have called out for this friday but that number obviously significant and high enough that they are sort of, you know, shoveling folks around and maneuvering the schedules around to make sure that they have plenty of people working and they can minimize the service disruption. but, you know, we talked to the union and they told us this statement here. if you have received any information from management regarding employees calling in sick on friday it is not about contract negotiations or a right to strike. wmata policy requires that employees provide a 72 hour advance notice in anticipation of being sick.
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their superior they may be sick on friday, they are only adhering to wmat's own policy. right now metro and the union they're locked in very contentious and contract dispute and so that is why we reached out to the union for statement. but you know metro has not gotten back to us yet but certainly this is something that we at fox5 are paying close attention to to see how think plays out but also it's passengers we talked to plenty who take both bus and rail that they are concerned, you know, it's already tough times with metro, and now you have this to deal with, and so they are saying that while they're hoping for the best, that they are also preparing for another way to get around come friday noon the weekend. that's the latest. back to you guys in the studio. >> we have to watch and see how this plays out. annie yu thank you for that. >> 9:09 is the time right now. it's been one year since beyonce' told her ladies to get in formation. well now she's mar marking the anniversary by paying it forward that could mean a live changing opportunities for local student
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we'll tell you about the lemonade singer scholarship coming up later. mel? >> controversial proposal here in d.c. city council could put owners of short-term rental properties out of business. i'll have a look at some of the proposed regulations when good day d.c. returns. returns. at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources
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we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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♪ so do you guys do airbnb. >> i do. >> have you? you have done. >> i haven't done it. >> what's wrong with this? >> i don't know. why are we this way? >> i don't know. that's just the way it is. >> stay in hotel when you go somewhere instead of somebody's house. >> i know. >> they say this is great. >> we're normal. >> perhaps we're not normal. that is breaking news. but if you have used the website airbnb or stayed in somebody's home or apartment when you're out and about, you're not alone. a lot of people do it if you're the one renting that place though in the district any way you could see some changes. >> less than an hour the d.c. council will hear arguments in support of the company after one council member says he wants to limit the rights of such home
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melanie alnwick is live in northwest with more on the story. mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys. a lot of people do this when they travel because they really want to experience what it's like to live in a particular city rather than just staying in hotel they want to be able to come and go as they please and let's be clear. this is not just about airbnb. it's about every single booking kind of short-term rentals talking about vrbo, flip key, trip adviser, but airbnb has been spearheading the efforts against this bill. they have accused of this bill sponsor councilman mcduffie of working in the interest of the hotel industry. meanwhile council member mcduffie says airbnb and its hosts are taking away affordable housing from dc residents. home sharing sites like abnb help property owners rent out room or their entire home for short-term stays. airbnb says there were 6,000 lists in dc last year
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$59 million year in rental income, even more in local spending and tax revenues but there are concerns that some property owners are basically running unregulated hotels buying up apartment buildings and renting them out short term rather than renning out affordable housing apartments. now mcduffie's bill would require a new short-term rental business license as well as health and safety inspections. it would restrict it willings to only one per property owner and that must be the property owner's primary residence. it would cap rentals at 15 days per year when the property owner is not present but no limit on home sharing when the owner is there. critics say mcduffie's bill inch fringes on property rights. >> i'm always looking for residential solutions to protect the interests of the district of columbia residents. i think this bill does that and if there are tweaks to make i'm top making those tweak at the end of the day steve it will be important to make sure we're allowing an environment in district of columbia to provide housing of people of a i
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and all backgrounds. >> reporter: airbnb certainly has been pushing back hard on this. they say they've done their own studies there's no correlation between airbnb rentals and affordable ho housing in the district. they open to some kind of regulation as for the homeowners who participate in this, many of them say they need this kind of income to be able to support the kind of mortgages that they have to take on in order to live in the city. so there real sal balance here that needs to be struck. we know that airbnb is bringing several. their host and host families here to city council headquarters ahead of the hearing this morning. that hearing begins at 10:00 and we certainly do expect it to be quite interesting. back to you guys. >> indeed it will be melanie alnwick, thank you for that. what do you think about this? it's a controversial topic. tweet us at #gooddaydc. weigh in on what you think about airbnb. >> i'm surprised mr. fiscal has hasn't gone this route good i know. >> i'm nervous about staying in so
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>> the whole notion,. >> why are you nervous. >> it's not mine. >> we're old time. what you need to know i guess we're all old time knee folks. >> i guess so. we're old. >> old time me. >> old time me. classic. throw back. because here's the thing. i don't want to go in anybody pell's house breaking up stuff. we know what it's like in our own houses. >> i couldn't get my house clean enough to have the deep -- it would make me so neurotic. >> here's president obama's inauguration everyone was calling and asking can i come to d.c. and stay were you i had eight people stay with me. i didn't charge them. i didn't care. >> they were your parents, mo. >> sometimes you got to be little more generous. >> in dc, though, i get it they're talking more so the affordable homes for the residents there. so how about taking care of us so people buy them up and renting them out making them unaffordable dwellings for people there. >> the bottom line. there are some communities arlington right across the river
9:18 am
it's almost like when you pay taxes on a house you have to live there so much for it to be considered your primary residence. if you want to ren it out you basically is to have it as a some place where you actually live as opposed to just buying up a bunch of, you know, properties and then saying i'm going to profit all of this by renting them all out. i think that's what the city and the councilman was afraid of. people will take housing right now that is available for people and make it, you know, individuals will jack the prices up. >> they have a leg up. they got the cash. buying up these homes if you're looking for a house in d.c. and short of a millionaire any more you can't live in d.c. >> right. >> heck, you can't live in maryland or virginia for that matter. >> which also does beg the question, if a person making a moderate income or low income can't really get into the house, isn't this america. shouldn't we be able to do what we want with our property? so definitely see both sides of the issue. for sure. >> let us know what you think as mo said. >> the hearing gets under way at 10:00 o'clock this morning. >> we'll be watching. 9:18. coming up lateroo
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friends and family who have food allergies. ever think about that. chef cindy is here whipping up the perfect menu that will please even the most particular not peculiar eater. >> you can go that way, too. they could be particular or peculiar. >> i can read. okay. >> first up erin what are you working on this morning. >> guys, 9:19 it's a close call for some loudoun county students after they shared a drugged drink. plus new proof former trump administration aid may have broken the law and later baseball's move unlikely partnership ever. why jeb bush and derek jeter are teaming up. we'll be back with a check on what else is making headlines right after this. ♪
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>> 9:22. erin is back with headlines. >> good morning. first up, several students at a school in northern virginia got sick after drinking a drink spiked with xanax. the scary incident happened on friday at river ben middle school in sterling. seven, eighth graders shared the drink but eventually they panicked and all of them went to the nurse weren't sent home. parents were notified about the incident via robo call. more fallout involving former national security adviser michael flynn. two top congressmen on a house committee investigating his ties with russia said flynn may have& violated federal law for failing to disclose
9:23 am
as part of trip to moscow. attorney for flynn said his client talked to the defense intelligence agency after he returned from that trip and answered any questions that they asked. well if you've swiped your credit card at chipotle listen to this. the company says they may have had a data security issue. chipotle says it recently de detected unhorsed activity on the network that supports its payment system in restaurants but they do believe it has stop the activity transactions happened between march 24th and april 18th of this year. chipotle is investigating the situation. i love this one. how is this for a duo? injury wreak jeter teaming one with jeb bush to buy the miami marlins. they're team won an auction and hashing out the details of the the $1.3 billion deal. bush will be the controlling owner just like his big brother george w. was with the texas rangers. and finally, all right, this is a bowler in upstate new york and he set a
9:24 am
ben bowled fattest 300 game since he needed 12 strikes to complete the 300 he first used all ten lanes then he ran back to the first and second lanes to complete the strikes. he amazely was able to throw 12 consecutive strikes in an unbelievable 86.9 seconds. that video is unreal. i wonder how much practicing that took. >> skills. >> i watched this this weekend not knowing what i was watching my daughter was like, man, he's good. >> yes. >> you have no idea. >> how do you even realize you're that good of a bowler. >> last time i bowled i got one strike. in the entire game. >> about one. >> which probably took -- >> i was excited i cracked a hundred. >> it took an hour to play. 12 strikes isn't 86 seconds. >> the dude is on fire. >> thanks erin. >> thank you. >> 92:41 of the nats youngest players but you wouldn't know it from the way he was swinging the bat last night. highlights from tray turner's epic night is very cold col colorado. >> all right. first,
9:25 am
summer in 24 hours. tucker barnes is back with more on the end of the week warmup that's on the way and if we still stand a shot at 90s by the weekend. >> and fresh at 10a music le legends live in the loft. the revolution. the band behind some of prince's biggest hits have reunited to pay tribute to the purple one, and this morning, they are sitting down with wisdom. >> what? >> i know, right? >> brace yourself. plus angela wants to make it official with cook can he but he could be getting more than he bargained for. we're sitting down with empire's taye diggs for a sneak peek at tonight's all new episode. it's one of the hottest new shows on netflix and one of the most controversial too. 13 reasons why scharr alisha boe is in town for special event with the former vice-president. later, match box 20 rob thomas sits down with erin como to talk about what inspired some of his biggest hits and why his wife is not a big fan
9:26 am
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at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a personalized closet, to a well-organized chest of drawers, to a cozy bed, can be yours for less. save up to 20% at the ikea bedroom event. ♪ 9:28. time for good day sports. high scoring game it was in colorado had to get through an hour plus rain delay first. nationals had to wait just a little over an hour for the first time pitch. it was cold outside.
9:29 am
>> is it hard to pitch when it's cold? >> it's hard to hit when it's cold. >> hard to hit. >> the bat hurts in your hands but tray turner. >> it's hard to be outside when it's cold. >> period. >> especially true if you're standing there waiting for something to happen. you see -- look at his cold weather gear. >> cold weather gear on. seven rbi's for turner last night. bases loaded triple in the seventh made him the third national to hit for the cycle since 2005. daniel murphy had five rbi's as well. washington washington wins 1 15-12. they scored 15 and gave up 12. they win. >> we're talking baseball. you're not going to show that epic slide into home. >> just wait. >> the wizards back home to host the hawks in game five. eighths rah rare 6:00 p.m. tip all all of us who wake up early saying thank you nba. >> for everybody trying to commute to get to the game during rush hour, though, not so much. >> a different reaction. >> both teams had their way on the home floor so far after back to back losses in at land tan series now best of three. john wall says although the team
9:30 am
they need to defend even better. >> they need some more bench play, too. you can't have i've said this the other of day you can't have john wall and bradley biehl doing all the heavy lifting. >> pippin and jordan were doing the thing and rest of the team had to pull their weight and they didn't. >> did you say pippin and jordan. >> they pull it out. when i was really into basketball. >> when the bulls were everything. >> gotcha. >> classics never get old. that's why they're called classics. >> morris needs to stay out of foul trouble. can't score any points on the bench. >> keith morris, he's new. >> i thought they were going to have to slide. i hold erin talking about it earlier. >> amazing if you haven't seen it. >> we'll try to find it. >> sorry. >> well, not so amazing this weather but it's going to get there. >> look what's right around the corner. >> wisdom, i can totally relate to you around here you and i do all the heavy lyfting. >> you are feeling what i'm putting down. >> we bring a triple double every night and some people don't want to contribute. >> you don't even wor
9:31 am
[ laughter ] >> i got a little carried away i was talking about something else. i'm sorry. >> oh, all right. >> go ahead. >> we've been legends in our own minds for quite sometime. >> clearly. >> weather day is back next week. come join us. see how happy this young man is. you will be that happy if you come out and join us. allison will come this year. steve everybody is invited. everybody should come. >> look at your face. allison is like i am? >> he told me yesterday. >> really. >> or the day before. >> who will throw out the first pitch allison seymour. >> heck no. >> we'll fine out. come and fine out. >> you can do it. >> i always have always refused the honor of throwing out the first pitch. >> but you've been asked to do it. >> not by the nats. >> all of us have been asked. >> look at tucker just standing there. >> i don't even get invited to weather day, mo. >> you had a chance to throw out the first pitch a couple years. >> i did. you're absolutely right. >> i don't get to be down there tuck of talk to the youngsters and enrich their minds like you do, tuck. >> make it happen, tuck. >> special tick prices more information go to the nati
9:32 am
game at 1:05 and then we'll be do a meet and greet afterwards get to meet everybody. i sign all kinds of things, arms. tennis shoes. >> shoes. i remember the shoes. >> hats. >> i refuse to sign the clothing and the skin of the young pe people. >> really? >> because they're by themselves and when they get home and they see my name on their arm, it's problem. i don't want them calling me. >> early version avenue tattoo i figure they'll get later in l life. >> great. again i just say do you have a piece of paper. >> some arms you may have signed in years past may be tattooed tucker barnes now. >> 60 degrees, yes, steve, i certainly hope for their sake it's not. winds out of the north northwest at nine. clear it out. we are going to finally dry it out and we're going to get the sunshine back in the forecast as well. something we haven't seen since last week. and that should allow temperatures to warm up into the low 70s. so today is a that day we finally transition out of the stormy pattern we've had last couple of days. our center of low pressure right here continues to push off we shall build more and more sunshine into the area not going to be a perfectly bright sunny day
9:33 am
working in. >> all right. early drizzle and fog and cloudy skies give way to some sunshine. and again warm sun we get the warmer our temperatures but we're thinking low 70s with that sunshine building this afternoon. there you go. summertime not official but it will feel like it around here thursday and friday with highs in the 80s. maybe our first 90-degree temperatures since last september on saturday. and then storms cool it down sunday with little back door front that had slide in from the north and east and early next week temperatures 70s and 80s. back to springtime after we get rid of this cloudiness this morning. all right, guys, back to you. >> looking forward it to thank you tucker. 9:33. we're checking in with our kevin mccarthy. >> that's right. we sent him up the road to silver spring. where some folks are hoping to get leg up on breaking into show business. kevin, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning to you guys. yeah i'm in silver spring at the fillmore. amazing event happening in there right now i
9:34 am
entertainment. it's hosted by the will and jada smith family foundation. the event is closed. it was registered event, and the event is going on from 9:00 till about 2:30 p.m. and the actual even itself jada pinkett smith actually doing the opening delivery speech of the event. mayor bowser will be there as well. it's a great event for people who want to get into the entertainment business and the idea of having to close that gap between having to dream of being in the business and also taking that next step to get into the business. if you want more information on this event for the neck time it comes around it's cie this is the second annual event they've been doing this. this is the first time in the dc area hopefully we'll have some access to the event next year including jada pinkett smith hopefully if she comes back she's in there right now sp speaking about the event itself. so... >> not yet. >> okay. >> how about now? >> can you hear me now,
9:35 am
>> ut-oh. >> i can hear you. >> i'm really interested in this. as a mom of five-year-old who is all things frozen that is her life. what is disney releasing that's frozen related that i know i'll i will have to buy or go see? >> yeah, so yesterday i was super excited all over twitter disney was releasing their brand new schedule for 2000 basically 18, 19 and 2020 and beyond, and it's amazing disney really kind of has the market now with all their movies with the marvel films, guardians of the galaxy, captain america the avengers, films like that, but yesterday there was announcement a bunch of movies, five of them were very very exciting. one of them is wreck it ralph two that sequel coming out november 21, 2018 called ralph break the internet i love the first wreck it ralph i'm very excited about that. also, star wars episode nine. this was the biggest one yesterday. it's going to have a may 24th, 2019 release date. now originally the first two obviously episode seven and
9:36 am
released in december including rogue one. so the idea it's coming back to the summertime is very cool for fans. also, frozen two that's novembe. also the lion king which is jul. and then the fifth indiana jones which is happening in 2020. and mr. harrison ford and spielberg are returning for this particular film it looks -- i can't wait. i'm very excited about returning for that. krysten bell made joke about the weather forecast being frozen and the new release date coming out for that. now speaking of the lion king, everyone really excited about this. bunch of reasons. obviously beauty and beast was a live action remake that made $1.1 billion. john fave reno directing this film the live action life i don't know king he also did the jungle book which made close to a billion dollars. donald glover will take on the roll
9:37 am
simba and james earl jones will return as mufasa. let's take a look at one of the most classic scenes from the original film. watch this. >> ♪ forest of your days, sing it kid. >> it's our problem free, philosophy, hakuna matata ♪ >> welcome to our humble home. >> you live here? >> we live wherever way want. >> that is one of the most famous scenes in the 1994 originally disney classic. the cool thing about that scene you notice two characters in there pump ba and toy moan, right. those characters are very famous now they've announced yesterday that seth rogen in talks to play the warthog which is pump ba and also billy yeichner from the man on the street interviews he's in talks to play toy moan. which is the mere cat. i'm looking forward to that comes out in july of 2019 directed by john fave row. back to you guys in studio. >> lots to look forward no. >> thanks, kev. >> exciting. >> thanks kevin former bachelor
9:38 am
crash. we'll go live to tmz for all the details. 9:37 now. ♪ ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked
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♪ >> al we get to do the fox beat today. >> kevin is out in silver sp spring. >> zero kev. >> handle fox beat duties for him this morning. former
9:41 am
serious crime a deadly crash. >> for details we turn to tmz charles live in los angeles. good morning. >> good morning allison and steve. how you guys doing. >> we're doing okay. sadly can't same say the same for this former reality star. >> chris souls known as the farmer bachelor was on couple of years ago is now in a big big mess in iowa. near where his farm is. he was arrested after he left the scene of the crime. police say he left the scene of a crime where there was a fatality. what happened according to police is that chris was driving down this road and ran into the back of a tractor. john deere tractor that was on the road and the tractor fell over and ended up pinning the driver 66-year-old farmer, and killed him. now, here's what makes it even worse. complicates matters. he left the scene. police
9:42 am
hours later at home and had to get a search warrant to go and get him. so he was arrested and he's been booked for leaving the scene of a fatality. it's a felony he's in big trouble. he had to pay 10,000 bond to get out yesterday. but this case is going to be big, big trouble for him. >> wasn't there charles didn't avenue prior arrest involving alcohol and driving at some point or at least some type of citation? >> he has -- yeah i believe that was in 2006. did he have citation for dwu and police did say they found click beverage containers in the car. now, again, it was hours after the accident. so that's going to be hard for them to pin it on him and say that, one, he was drinking at the time and/or that he was even the one who drank those containers. so that's going to be hard for them to opinion, but as far as leaving the scene, of a fat fatality, that's, you know, that's enough trouble right there for him. >> sure
9:43 am
more trouble also for justin beiber maybe not directly justin beiber but the company that he keeps. >> well, yes. you guys if you've been following the saga it's been going on for years now. the egging case with justin beiber where he and one of his bodyguards were throwing eggs at a neighbor's house. when he lived out in cal la bass tis. the case was settled criminally justin paid the couple that lived next door $80,000 to repair the damage to their home. they are now filing a civil suit and even that has been going on for a long time but they've now upped the anti because they're saying that this was a hate crime. the reason they're saying that is because in their new lawsuit they say that justin yelled something at them as he was throwing eggs where he said, what are you going to do about it, jew boy? the problem they've admitted in earlier deposition that justin didn't say those things. it was
9:44 am
but they're now, you know, trying to get more -- look if it is a hate crime, what that does for them it means they can get more damages in the civil lawsuit. so like i said they've upped the anti. we'll see if this plays out, but it's a little strange that they've already admitted justin didn't say it were you now they're trying to say he did say it. >> going back to the well an extra time. >> would that be because the criminal as spec of the case was already settled then, would these new revelations if it is deemed to be a hate crime would that open up another criminal investigation or limited to civil damages. >> for the civil damages much the criminal case is over and done with. he did not only paid the less if you toy contusion but did community service. all of that's done for him and, you know, like i said, i don't see how they can reopen it because couple has admitted justin didn't say it. it's really odd but this couple the schwartzs who any of lex door, they have been at this and will not let
9:45 am
they say that -- i mean aside from the damage to their home they say it damaged their reputation and business in the community. so they could get some damages but we'll see how it plays out. it seems like it's never going to end. >> charles, they got him to move out. he no longer is their neighbor? >> they did get that. i guess they got that. you think they would be happy with that. he's no longer there. you don't have to deal with him and his parties and his friends, but no. they want some more. >> all right. charles, thank you so much. and just reminder you can catch tmz weekdays at 3:00 and 7:00 right here on fox5. >> very casm maureen, back over to you. >> thanks guys. 9:45 is the time. coming up next how to host dinner party if your guests have food allergies or specific food preferences. erin is in the kitchen learning what you should avoid to make sure everyone enjoys the meal. ♪ ♪♪
9:46 am
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♪ >> that's my jam. >> little chunky by bru
9:49 am
another hit. >> just another one. just waiting. we got like -- just waiting. >> baseline from somewhere else. >> it's okay. the whole thing is a big thank to you -- >> is that right. >> funk and r and b. >> an homage. a reboot. a remake. >> that makes it legal. >> pinky finger to the sky. >> gotcha. they say you cannot please everyone all the time. [ laughter ] >> i don't see you. >> sometimes -- who you looking at me? >> she's looking past you. >> i'm looking at him. sometimes it's the most clear when playing hostess what if there was way to make all of your party or brunch guests happy. erin company smo in the kitchen this morning with few tips and tricks how to do just that. hey, err glynn maureen that's right. this morning i'm joined by chef and tv personal you may have seen her on the food network and bravo chef cindy. she joins me with a few tips how to please guests with food allergies or just preferences maybe they have certain things they don't want to eat. thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you for having me. this is something very near and
9:50 am
dry vegan i hate going to pear and there's literally nothing to eat. >> most of your friends and family know so they try to com date but it's nice -- not always. >> really. >> no. that's why i try to educate them and these days with all the different allergies out there, you really need to take that into account when planning your party. >> i know there's a lot of people right now big on gluten sensitivities sell yack is big s becoming a bigger esche. what do you suggest for gluten free guests. >> first you need to be familiar with what gluten is in. it's in so many product that is we have. and especially when you're ho hosting a party everything seems to have crackers or bread or pasta. so you really need to think about it and check labels and fine out what brands accommodate your guests, and one thing when you, you know, serve pis in the blanket at a party ones your gluten free i can never have them thanks to g free you can have them again. >> i've had a lot of vegetarian products. you're a fan. >> this is one of the only companies or the only company u.s. that actually has the puffed pastry sheets. that are gluten free because
9:51 am
paved pastry is all flower. so check out g free and you'll find a lot of these great products that are lit literally ready made you heat them up and serve them to your guests. >> easy simple you're not in the kitchen too much time away from the party. >> you can get them at shop rite and dave's local market in maryland. >> how about this. being having gluten in them but- often sauces or stews or soups have a thinner in them which is usually flower. so -- >> you could uniting intentionally make a guest sick. >> felt totally culinary oils. these are great ones from ex staff began so foods. they're gluten free, vegan and nut free. they have jalapeno lime. mine are lemon and blood orange you can really jazz up any dishes and not worry about, you know, having gluten in them and serving their guests that. these are great for parties because you can drizzle them on salads want not. >> spice up appetizers anything. >> yup. >> the other thing that you really probable d
9:52 am
of is beverages. >> no. beer an lot of alcohol actually has wheat in it or some sort of grain. so you really want to make sure to even accommodate your guests when you're serving beverages. and these are truly spiked and sparkling they're glue den free only 100 cal rows. >> one of these for later. >> yes. they're the lowest calorie spiked seltzer you've got them without the guilt. comes in bottles and cans and there's five flavors including new lemon and uzu. >> your guests can indulge in everything good if you're not doing brunch or cocktail party maybe you're having a play date kids with after school. nut allergies don't feed a child peanuts that's allergic. >> when i throw a birthday party for my daughter instead of having peanut butter and jelly i have sun butter and jelly my kid's school is nut free. i send this there. >> can i try this. >> it's fully free of all the top allergens, tree nuts and soy, and it packs as much protein and
9:53 am
traditional nut butters. >> you can't tell the difference. >> you put jelly on you cannot tell at all. go check out sun they've got great recipes there. >> if you were putting an entree together it has packed full of good nutrients for you and obviously can suit vegetarian or vegan guest. >> yes. >> what's it composed of. >> i want to make sure when i have vegetarian vegan especially there's protein in the ball from tara's they have really complete meals for vegetarians, vegans, paleo, gluten free all of that and so quinoa in here which is a big trend right now in vegetarian food. >> that looks really good. >> sweet potato spinach apple and the queen what bowl. and then this is the tara buda bowl. ingredients from tara kitchen come free cut so it's super e easy. >> not a lot of prep work. >> people think i'll serve vegetarian or vegan it will be dull it's not at all you literally put this together the ingredient you have to heat it some of them up but others like this you're just putting on, you know,lr
9:54 am
ingredients. >> seasonal, they're beautiful. they're colorful. >> do you suggest sending out e-mail before maybe you have a party to see if there's any dietary restrictions how many people that are attending maybe vegetarian or have gluten sensitivity. >> i'm hoping you know your guests well enough or i also just naturally have a couple vegetarian items because i always tell people to even if you're not vern tanner or vegan you eat vegetarian and vegan often. for kids no brainer to put the sun butter out and all of that and then -- thought if you feel your guests and their needs. >> yes. >> thank you so much for coming in. where can we find you cindy. >> look for me at chef cindy c-, facebook all of that. >> that's sounds good. ill take this bowl and i'm going to take a little break. so i'll toss it back to you but this looks beautiful and very healthy since we're embarking on bikini season, guys. >> you got that right. >> delicious. >> has had he ever a party and asked that. >> any food allergies. >> i don't -- you just eat. >> more and more i'm s
9:55 am
couple years ago maybe not i'm seeing it when we have pot luck at my kids school you have to have something vegan and gluten free. you just never know. >> right. okay. i guess if -- >> the answer is yes. >> if i actually had a party. >> we missed the whole point of that. does he have parties? >> you have to invite people. i got it now. oh, boy. i love this. on the year anniversary of beyonce' changing the way that music distributed her lemonade album she is giving out some scholarships in the name of that formation song. >> love that story. >> we'll talk about it. >> how excited are you, wis? >> i know, right. >> he's not coming in. >> my favorite album the people that helped put this whole thing together, ladies and gentlemen, the revolution. >> oh, my gosh! >> they're all coming in here. >> you're talking to them. >> talking to the revolution. >> wendy and lisa bendy, lisa, doctor, doctor, doctor. >> is he coming in. >> the doctor is coming in. brown marks is coming in. matt finger is coming
9:56 am
the whole crew will be here. >> he erin had chance to talk with match box 20 front man rob thomas. we'll hear from him all on the 10a today. >> all right. first though it's coffee time on good day dc we know you've been eyeing our cool good day mugs much listen. new dunkin' donuts good day mug to give away. perfect for that dunkin' donuts coffee. you know what to do. head to our facebook page at to enter the contest. one lucky winner will select you by random but hurry you only have until 11:00 and right now it's 9:56 and we will be back with 10a on the other side. ♪ ♪
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>> must see moments only found on one place at 10a and you're watching it. controversial hit show on netflix about teen suicide has many of you talking. we're live with 13 reasons why actress alisha boe. iconic song legendary ban of the revolution from prince and the revolution they're here live in the loft. all five of the ban members, wisdom is freaking out. plus our erin como goes one-on-one with rob thomas from match box 20. why the hit maker is worried about song writers today. oh, we're not done yet. allison seymour dishes empire. madonna and now defund every funked daytime drama with thai dig. it's a must watch wednesday in three, two, one, good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ >> you call it. >> you did call it, steve. >> i was with you, al. you can't go wrong with either one. >> you can. >> let's go crazy
10:01 am
when doves cry. >> lots and lots of music from the purple one himself. the reason we're doing this his band the band that started it all with purple reign. >> yes. >> the revolution. >> they are -- they'll be here. >> they are amazing. >> amazing. >> this is good stuff. >> what are you going to talk to them. >> there's plenty to talk about. are we going to have enough t time. >> below the back half of good day at 10a out. >> why don't we. >> history. >> purple thursday today. >> that's true. >> oh, man. >> switch it up this week. >> i should have worn my puffy shirt. >> or we could have worn something hike this. all of us could have dressed like this. >> that's not for weekdays. >> i got you. >> that's weekend wear. >> i am going to put oh and my bandana when i get home by the way. i might wear my bandana. save a little something something. >> don't give them everything. >> awesome 10a today. thanks for staying with us. i'm steve alongside maureen, allison and wisdom. holly is off. >> erin is back with a look what's making headlines on this wednesday. >> g
10:02 am
thanks very much. first up today president trump is set to inter tow dues tax reform plan. tack reform was big campaign promise of president trump's for several months he has said we'll see soon see significant cuts. a lot of what happens with tax reform depends on what happens with health care. that's something most law makers see as ass needing to be handled first. heads up for metro riders. vick trouble getting around on friday. that's because metro management says it's preparing for the possibility of a large scale sick out. metro tells fox5 it is staffing based on a quote up usually high number of absent requests. now the metro union releases statements saying it is unaware of a sick out and that if any wet m treat employee expects to be out sick on friday they are quote adhering to wmat's only policy. more bad news for united airlines much this story makes me sad. this rabbit named simon on track to be the world'ing bit guest bunny died in the car
10:03 am
of the flight from london to chicago his owners say he was health though at the time of the flight. at ten months old he was more than 3 feet long he was expected to out grow the world's biggest rabbit his dad dare darius. >> uber wants to change the way we travel working on flying cars. you heard that right. what exactly does that mean? >> you call for your ride using the uber app it picks you up then you fly across the sky to your destination. car ride that would normally take about two hours would be cut down to about 15 minutes. will only pick up at the airport though dallas is one of the two test marks the service is scheduled to launch in 2020. i don't want to be one of the first rider if's it work i'll definitely it a try. finally one in million play at the plate. check out this play. kevin pole lard drives the ball off the right field wall. the ball rolls away from ste stevens, chris tries to score from first. the throw takes over molino at the third baseline. blue
10:04 am
his acrobatic move to avoid getting tag out. literally going head over heels you saw that. the tag too late. he's safe. and the run scores. so i was getting side track watching that video myself because really cool play there. >> that dude was flying. >> it's amazing. >> whoa! >> doesn't look normal. i'm excited for them. >> athletecism at its best. >> it could have ended badly. did not. >> at least we're saying we're celebrating. not saying ooh, look what happened in baseball. >> thanks, erin. >> thank you. >> 10:04. let's check what's trending this morning. al. >> first up from singing super star to scholarship guru beyonce' marking the one year anniversary of her lemonade album by handing out scholarships and students right here in d.c. could be among the recipients. the formation scholars as they've call the formation scholars program will give awards to women who beyonce' says are quote unafraid to think outside the box and are bold, creative, conscious and confident. hmm.
10:05 am
herself. right. four schools are participating including berkeley college of music in boston, parsons school of design in new york, spellman college in atlanta and howard university in d.c. so each college will have one recipient for the 2017-2018 year. incoming current and graduate students are all eligible. but they must be studying creative arts, music, literature or african-american studies to apply. students need to submit a portfolio of their work and answer this question in an essays. how has lemonade inspired your educational goals? yes, mo. that's the question. the scholarships are reportedly worth $25,000 each. now, look. if you're familiar with the album, though, before you say, hmm, that's a little, you know, me centric and all of that, that a lot of people say it goes through the whole cycle of loss and love and a lot of issues that women deal with forgiveness and, um, and empowerment. and so, you know, yeah, it had as a hook to
10:06 am
but if you take at body of work that lemonade was it was very inspirational and it included a lot of work by poets and all of this. so that's where literature comes in i suppose. so i say awesome. >> amazing. >> no doubt. >> opening doors to education. i'm all about it. >> inspiring young minds. one other part of education is pizza. a lot of times people had a lot of late night pizza. everybody seems to love it and has their favorite go to spot for best pizza usa today combined all those lists now and came up with what they say the list of the best pizza restaurants in the united states. here are the ones that made the list in the dmv. in d.c. they pick two amies toes right off wisconsin avenue as the number one pick. usa today says it is the first pizzeria in dc that serves certified authentic neyo pal poll tan pizza using only permitted ingredients to make the dough, the sauce and the mozzarella. certified pies inn clue the traditional marguerita
10:07 am
tomato, basil, ms. r mozzarellad oregano. this is my favorite. pup tell la is in arlington voted best pizza in the commonwealth. in virginia by msn as well. same deal. traditional neapolitan style pizza. the owner born and raised in italy country known for good pizza pies. small pizza shop in called pizza cs got usa attention serves neapolitan style pizza. customer raves about the wide selection of the pizzas that pizza c's has to offer. customize your own whatever you want to do. three choices. >> all right. pizza c's. >> check all those out. time right now 10:07. new netflix series 13 reasons why a critical hit but it's also getting big backlash from some suicide prevention advocates parents and some local schools. >> the show tells the 74 of high schooler who
10:08 am
lifespan critics of the show say it glamorizes suicide. well this morning we are talking about the controversy one of the shows stars alisha boe plays jessica and in town for a special entry with vice-president joe biden. bob barnard is live at george mason university to tell us all the details. bob? >> reporter: yeah, guys. they are here for program on sexual assault on campus. and alisha boe is here with the executive producer of 13 reasons why joy gorman, and thank you very much for your time this morning. first of all, i have a 13-year-old daughter who has seen it. my wife watched the first episode with her. what do you make of the phenomenon of this show? >> the reception has been generally positive. and i'm very happy because the fans who have come up to me have thanked me more so parents have come up to me thanking for me for making the show now they understand what teenagers in this generation have to to go through with social media. and i think it just makes us more self aware as people. >> my daughteray
10:09 am
emotional but important. >> yes. >> what is the take away? what do you hope the young people who are watching this forget bout parents but the young people watching this take away from this program? >> first of all i wish i -- the book i read in middle school but the show is so insightful because i think it will make kids more aware of how little thing can affect someone's life. you never know what's going on in someone else's life, and it will make kids more self aware. >> joy, there are scenes of rape and the suicide. how do you present this in way that has an impact, doesn't freak people out, and does tell the story that is important, i mean that's why the former vice-president is here today to talk about sexual assault on campus. this program takes place in high school. but you have middle schoolers watching this. >> well, one of the things, um, we really encourage parents and kids to watch the show together. we created documentary after show called beyond the reasons where a lot of our mental health experts speak about how we shape the
10:10 am
address these issues so unfringingly. but the truth is, um, our creator brian yorkie and all of us felt that if we're not on honest and authentic about whatt then we're not helping the conversation. so if we don't address, um, you know, rape is so prevalent, one in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted. if we can't show that in a way that makes people understand that it's real, that it happens, and that they are not alone that they can turn to their mother or their father like jessica davis does in the show and say, daddy, something happened to me, that is what we are trying to do by making this show is lifting the stigma by creating a conversation and those conv
10:11 am
uncomfortable. >> thank you joy gorman. alisha last thing the suicide notion my daughter says it won't make you commit suicide if you watch this but you realize the impact that that has. is that a take away for you that it can affect a school, your family, an entire community if you take that drastic step to temporary issues? >> yeah. the show really shows how painful and permanent it is. so i think since we're not romanticizing suicide, it will make kids understand that that should not be the final option. that there is a tomorrow, a next year, and you should reach out to anyone a crisis text line, your parents, a loved one. >> alisha, joy, thank you so very much guys. >> thank you we're here at george mason university. where the former vice-president joe biden will be talking about sexual assault on campus and making it aware to the young people who are out there in the auditorium right now. guys? >> important topic. >> um-hmm. >> thank you, bob. all right. 10:11 is the time. the legenda
10:12 am
the greatest performers of all time. coming up little bit later the revolution. the grammy award winning and oscar winning group response al for hits like purple reign, they'll join us live right here in the loft. first, though, angelo heads down a dangerous path on empire as he continues to try to woo cookie. coming up next exclusive first look at tonight's all new episode and my one-on-one with taye diggs himself. right now 10:12. ♪
10:13 am
there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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♪ >> i would die for you. >> so much iconic music. revolution is about to invade the loft and we're so excited about it. >> that's right. >> men time, tonight is empire night and actor taye diggs is heading back to empire. digs who guest stars as the now mayor angelo dubois will reappear on the hit fox show tonight. and return may spell trouble for his family and the lions. check the out. >> you know where a brother can get one of those t-shirts. >> i don't think that's suitable for the neck mayor of new york, my friend. >> probably right. one sip at a time, though. one sip at a time. speaking of steps, i am about to take a pretty
10:16 am
um i don't -- i don't want to put foot wrong with your mom so i figured i would come and speak with you first. >> wait. you asking me for my mother's hand in marriage? >> yes. >> angelo that's amazing, really. >> one step at a time. though. i'm actually here to ask you if, f i should ask her. >> yes. hell, yes. why would you even hesitate? >> well, for starters --ing. >> no, no, no, no. come on. >> look. old pictures. >> does the mayor have an earring? is that his style. >> why doesn't he ask andre? he's the oldest. more disrespect for andre. >> any way, so will there be an engagement taye diggs is not telling but when i sat down with him yesterday, i did get him to open up about few other things that he's been working on outside of empire including that recent lip sync battle performance. check it out. >> i was convinced that they were going to have you los
10:17 am
election and then we would see if cookie would still into you, but it look like you're on top. >> i am on top at the present moment and we're kind of writing that wave -- riding that wave. the character is feeling confident and as you know, proposes to cookie. >> yes. >> there's going to be some drama surrounding that. as you can imagine. >> as i can imagine. i was disappointed to read the title to have night's episode. love is a smoke. so that leads me to -- today were you give me cookie say yes? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> you know it can't be that simple. >> i know. >> if she does say yes, it comes with a lot of extra baggage but, you know, with two prominent and proud families, you know, such as the lyon season the duboiss you can only imagine, you know, the clashing. >> right. >> that exists. so that's been fun. really really fun to play and to be acting along
10:18 am
felicia rashad and taraji so many moments where i was just, you know, really grateful thankful and just impressed because the two of them, the power that they possess it re really just bowls you over. >> my goodness. for sure. you know we love taraji henson here in d.c. >> um-hmm. >> you know what i like about this role for you is that you've got little bit of the bad boy underneath. not afraid to go up against lucious. not afraid to fight for your lady. i like that. >> oh, great. great. because i'm glad -- i'm glad you mentioned that because i've played like the good guy many times. >> right. >> and sometimes, you know, that kind of shadow side gets lost so i'm glad that aim across and that was also something that the writers wanted to make sure was prominent. i'm glad that you caught that. >> also recently saw you in a different light on the lip sync battle. >> ♪ >> can we talk about this madonna impression? [ laughter ] >> you went all in. >> you know i
10:19 am
going to do a show like that, you kind of have to. you know, obviously the producers were great in making, you know, all of that available to me. that's a great show. that's great opportunity. i don't think people realize just how much fun shows like that are for actors because, you know, we get a chance to kind of know, kind of fantasy stars, you know, the stuff that we do in the shower we get to do on larger stage and it's a ball. >> full hair and makeup. >> are you a madge fan did they give you the song? how does it work? >> no, i pick -- they're really great over there. they let you -- they let you pick the songs that, you know, that you feel suit you best. so i made my selections based on, you know, some of my favorite songs and my competitor. >> got it. >> neyo. got it. >> it was cool. >> you nail it. d
10:20 am
to brag but we have something in common. >> what is that? >> we were both on the guiding light. >> oh, for real? >> now i was there for like one episode doing a story but they let me walk on and do little scene with hampton back in the day with the club owner. >> okay. >> you were actually on the s show. >> yeah. yes, i was -- i felt like i w was -- i felt like i was somebody. that was when i was shooting -- doing rent the broadway show rent at night and then, um, guiding light in the daytime. >> right. >> that was a fun time all those years ago. >> it's amazing look at now. stage, big screen, little sc screen. and fan of good day d.c. so we appreciate you taking some time to talk to us and we look forward to tonight's episode of empire. >> thank you so much. take care now. >> ♪ >> it is epic actually i still have it. i still have it. i have it on vhs. just reminder you can catch all new episode of empire tonight at 9:00 right her on fox5. so i
10:21 am
guiding light. >> what was it? >> i walked in -- set the scene. >> i'm in new york i walk into i go, hamps the food is delicious. thank you. >> did you get one take? >> well done. >> i had to do it a couple of times. [ applause ] >> that is a moment, al. >> thank you. >> okay. >> the food was -- delicious. >> i like it. >> coming up hey listen the revolution not that are only music powerhouse we were talking about this morning obviously they'll be playing prince all morning. erin back with her one-on-one with match box front man rob thomas. >> from d.c. to cuba to cahn we're sitting down with a local designer taking over the fashion wore. how she's planning on breaking barriers with her latest fashion show. >> ♪
10:22 am
z2c5qz z16fz y2c5qy y16fy
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ we are eating the 1999 version of pretzels compared to the soft philly classics. we don't have the is the pretzels in the vending machine. a interest seal pretzel. >> mike thomas is rocking the right way today. we're not talking about the cheesesteaks we're talking about taste of fill until dc talking about soft pretzel. mr. mike. >> that's right. >> it is national pretzel day, good morning. >> good morning to you, steve. you got that right. it's national pretzel day. in my mind, it's like, you know, national chocolate day dow
10:25 am
doughnut day. pretzel day way up here. we're here at the pretzel factory in southeast d.c. this is the upstairs. we'll take you downstairs and show you the inner workings of all of this allen, scale of one to ten, how busy are you today. >> probably about a seven. we got rob in the corner done about 150 sliders this morning. which is a lot for us in the morning. we got evan serving up pretzels and the guys downstairs are busy rolling all day. >> you have a special today, right what's the special. >> dollar pretzels all day. >> come on down get a dollar pretzel. >> enjoy it. >> we'll head downstairs and we'll show you like the inner workings. so upstairs is just kind of the front for this place. and downstairs is where all mat psychiatric happens. we're coming around the corner here to where the whole operation takes place. talk to the own are in right here. this is owner and founder sean haney. right? >> did i get that right. >> that's right. >> perfect. sean, take us through what's going on down here. >> sure. sure. so after the dough is mixed
10:26 am
flour, dough -- sorry, pretzel dough is just flower, salt, yeast, water, sugar, so we mix it here. this is it rising. and what harrison is doing he's dividing it into the correct portion size. >> all right. >> excellent. >> over here, tyler is rolling the pretzels. >> now these are -- these are specifically philadelphia style pretzels, right? how does that compare to regular pretzel. >> tefers to the texture the doughiness of the pretzel. >> all right. now, you have a very interesting back story here. like growing up my whole childhood was like cartoons and pokemon cards. yours was much more pretzel involved. tell us now. >> that's right. in philadelphia, where i grew up, pretzels could be found at every intersection you could buy them in the car. headed to the beach, or headed to soccer practice, headed to school. so it was involved in every childhood memory i had. when i moved to d.c. in 1998, i was missing pretzels and that's kind of where the idea for
10:27 am
pretzel bakery was born. >> you've been here five years now. >> open here for five years, y yes. >> if folks want to come down today and get a pregnant system only a dollar for pretzel today. >> dollar for pretzel today. this is like our super bowl. national pretzel day. >> if we can't make it here where else do you sell the pretzels you're in pretty big locations. >> they can be found at blue jacket, meridian pint, brookland pointer, at nats park. um, a few hotels around town. yup. >> all right. fantastic. thank you so much for having us out. i know you're busy good luck today. >> thank you. >> guys we're here again at the pretzel factory southeast d.c. come and down and get some pretzels. the pretzel bakery down here in southeast d.c. come and down and get in pretzels, one dollar today. >> mike, ask the owner what's the proper dipping? is it muss star, cheese, chocolate? what do you dip the pretzels in object i was then tis. sean, we got question from the anchors. >> okay. what is the proper dipping for a pretzels, mustard, is it glaze, what is it. >> the classic is just assaulted pretzel
10:28 am
>> with a good muss star. >> there you go. >> straight from the man's mouth. mustard the dip of choice. >> morning you mike. >> thank you. >> got pretzels and great music. we got a lot going on. 10:27 is the time. legendary band behind some of prince's hits and now ladies and gentlemen, the revolution. they're back together. they're in studio. they're hitting the road and their tribute to their beloved friend coming up next grammy and oscar winning group live in the loft. right now the time is 10:28. back in a moment. at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a personalized closet, to a well-organized chest of drawers,
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at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a personalized closet, to a well-organized chest of drawers, to a cozy bed, can be yours for less. save up to 20% at the ikea bedroom event.
10:31 am
♪ purple reign ♪ >> 10:30 is the time. from 1999 to purple reign when doves cry let's go crazy the legendary music define prince and the revolution well the music world still mourning the loss of prince who left us a year ago on friday and now in honor of music legend his original band back together to pay tribute. revolution playing at the fillmore tonight. but first, they are live in the lot of this morning. all members of the revolution, wendy, lisa, brown mark, dr. finger, bobby z. here they are ladies and gentlemen. members of the revolution right here live in the loft. good morning to you. thank you for coming in. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> i'm fan boy. i'm a fan boy. just saying. all right. so look let's talk about -- >> he can't come to the show. >> i can't come to the show. >> he's got
10:32 am
practices and he gets up at 3:30 in the morning and he can't come good gone through my excuses why i can't get out of the house. >> i understand. >> good to see you. >> to you. isn't what have you been up to? >> we've been on the road. >> on the road. >> definitely. >> doing your thing. >> totally. >> let's talk about real quick when you found out that prince had passed it way. your reaction and i don't know where you were but your reaction when you fanout that prince had passed away to a lot of us what just happened? it came across on the news. people were texting. it was a shock. >> it was shock to all of us. >> major shock. we're still reeling from it. and it was just something that we called each other immed immediately, and we kind of stick to each other is our solution to this kind of profound grief and tremendous loss the world is feeling really zone we're taking one city at a time to help spread a little healing for this unbelievable grief. >> right
10:33 am
>> the more we play the better it gets for us. >> you're going to play the songs that put you on the map. you were all right on the map but then purple reign comes out and it just explodes. >> we're just going to stick to the stuff that we were involved in. we want to just bring it back to fans to kind of do deal with the grief we're all going through. >> right. let's talk about the musical genius but i've always understood and always read he was tough when it came to if youing that music together and working with bands and he wanted perfect. let's talk about the relationship that -- the group had with prince. [ laughter ] >> mark is laughing. >> oh, yeah. i know all about that. >> mark, you talk about that for a minute. >> he was tough. i mean he taught us a work ethic that i don't think i would have gotten. we wouldn't have received that in the best union universities. >> university of purple perfect. [ laughter ] >> purple perfect. >> that's good. >> but it
10:34 am
tight group. we hadn't seen each other, you know, in almost 20 something years and we got back together i think 2,003 and we sound like we had just departed. >> right. >> sound like exactly leak we did yesterday, you know, so, um, that lesson sticks with us. >> right. >> now, when this whole music scene from minneapolis came out, back in the late '70's going into the pot yeses i mean we're coming off of disco and then this whole sound comes out and nothing that we've ever heard before. i mean, how did this come to be? >> how did that sound happen? >> prince, did he something very clever back in the late '70's and ha hey able to strad gel the punk scene and if you know scene in way a black artist hadn't done up to that point. so by the time 1999 hit there were some crossover
10:35 am
little red corvette in 1999 that sort of opened the way to this sort of like culmination of his influences. >> right. >> and then when this band was formed we all came with separate entities and musical influences that he would actually pull from. pull his own kind of dream sound from that and that's how this whole sound came up for purple reign is because of our individual what we came to and what we gave him. >> purple reign, not just album were you the movie, again, this is something that we hadn't seen before. that movie was big. all of were in the movie. what was that experience like. >> lots of fun. [ laughter ] it. >> look like it was fun. >> very cold. >> it was very cold. >> yeah. >> why so. >> in minneapolis. >> of course. >> of course. >> a lot of of was in the wintertime. it was also just a
10:36 am
experience. something that like being musicians i don't think we really would dream about acting and i can wait to sit in the trailer and wait for my scene. [ laughter ] >> how did that come to be, though? we're talking about a music band coming together. who's idea was purple reign? >> prince's vision. >> the movie was his idea and get you all in the movie. >> absolutely. >> that was his vision. >> he had that vision early. he was so forward thinking, he came to us, yeah, we'll make a movie. it was like what? >> yeah. he just -- he had these visionary moments where he just -- he could fulfill with hits. he wrote the songs that's what makes purple reign is his brilliant song writing. >> when you have success, we also have some break ups because the revolution came to an end at some point. >> it did indeed. >> it came to an end. >> um-hmm. >> was there a lot of animosity about that or was it just, that's just the way it goes. >> for some of us, you know, there was an ambivalence to it but when it came right dow
10:37 am
made perfect sense. you know, he was spending all this time with 5 million projects at once. he started giving all of us a little bit more to finish i'm too busy. i got this, i got that. i think by the time we were done with the parade tour and after we had released around the world in day and there's other records in the vault that are still there, i think it was his way of saying, this comet has got to go. >> i'm surprised he shared, you know, as much as he did with us. >> really. >> started out as a solo artist uniquely solo. nobody was more incredible than prince on all the instruments making those early albums by himself. ten years the glorious, you know, relationship with a band and then he probably just needed to return to -- we drove him little crazy. >> ya'll drove him let's go crazy. >> right. exactly. >> all right. doctor, i asked when you all
10:38 am
work in wear the outfits. you have on the outfit. how in the world did the whole dr. thing came to be isn't well the band needed health care. >> is that what it is. [ laughter ] >> we needed someone to look after us. >> that's right. >> so i fulfilled that role for many years. i still continue to take the pulse of the band. >> gotcha. >> but no actually back in the day we were on tour and i just needed to change up and, you know, i had a different outfit and headline act was wearing something similar to what i had on. so prince came to me and said -- >> that was rick james band. >> rick james ban. >> prince requested i change into a different outfit and i -- we were just talking about it. he said what was your other choices the guy in the doctor suit. >> that's it. they went to a hospital and got one. >> though went to the uniform place and got some scrubs. >> it was
10:39 am
>> awesome. >> brown mark your real name is mark brown. how did that come to be. real quick. ten seconds. >> one day at rehearsal he's a practical joker he likes to crack jokes and one day he just said i'm the only brown one in the group. brown mark. >> great. look they'll be at the fillmore we'll put the information back up on the screen. so you can see when you can come and see the revolution. thursday night 8:00 p.m. the fillmore silver spring. ladies and gentlemen, i walls wanted to do this like they did in the movie, ladies and gentlemen, the revolution. [ laughter ] >> just like that in the movie. >> look, big honor for me to do this interview. they know i'm a big prince fan. i was dreaming when i wrote that intro. forgive me if it went a stray. >> ut-oh. >> they didn't like that. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> good to see you. [ laughter ] >> they like it. they just wanted to get
10:40 am
you owe me five dollars. >> 10:39 right now it is story tellers at the library of congress. erin joins us more from we write the songs red carpet. she had a chance to sit down with rob thomas front man for match box 20. solo artist as well. that conversation coming up on the 10a. the 10a.
10:41 am
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♪ well kev made
10:43 am
before what time, you know, erin was talking with rob thomas more time we get up in the morning. but any way also a match box 20 song of course and last night lead singer rob thomas joined group of music legends for we write the songs 2017 as we mentioned kind of story tellers at the library of congress. erin was there had a chance to hang out with some of the big timers. >> i did. it was worth staying up past my bedtime. and for all out there no match bock 20 well they burst on to the music scene in their mid '90's with debut album yourself or someone like you and well, they've been going strong pretty much since. ♪ >> real world 3:00 a.m., push, back to good. jst few hit singles from match box 20's first album certified 12 times platinum in the united states. that was just the beginning. lead singer rob thomas also earned himself a legion of new fa
10:44 am
performing on the 1999 santana hit smooth which went on to win three grammys. ♪ >> last night thomas joined other singers and writers at the library of congress for the foundation we write the songs 2017 event. it brings together musicians to perform some of the their hit songs and share the stories that inspired them. kind of like a vh1 story tellers or any other '90's kids out there. >> ♪ >> today those same artists will visit with lawmakers on capitol hill for an event called stand with song writers. to ask for new rules when it comes to music licensing rights. i got a chance to
10:45 am
about those rules and how streaming sites like pandora have change thed the game. >> ♪ >> we also talk about the inspiration behind some of his hit songs. and why his wife isn't loving taylor swift. check it out.. over the last 20 years because i came up 20 years ago i came up at a time when you can have your songs played on the radio record sales were really happening, you know, you can put out record and sell 20 million records or something and i got to build a fan base and got to have this career and you see new song writers performing song writers just a lot of song writers that don't perform and don't have that extra income they don't have another way to feed their families after while and now nobody is -- nobody is buying the music the way they used to buy it. experiencing music really excite weighing. the state of the music business is changing but the state of music is really exciting. the idea that you can have that kind of
10:46 am
whatever you want and being part of music and whole new way, but nobody is being compensated for those things. use me an example. again, i've been very fortunate this isn't me crying property. this is just an idea i wrote smooth with a friend of mine it got 26 million streams or 24 million streams. i think you wind up with $600 at the end of that. so if you're not lucky enough to have another revenue source. if you're not out playing life and not having songs on the radio and not selling records and you write one of the biggest songs if you're a brand new artist, everybody that's listening to you listening to you in that format my son all of the new artists he loves he finds that was spotify, he finds through pandora, through all these places. he has these artists he loves, he doesn't realize they can't feed that are families because if they only exist there, they can have the biggest song in the world and still only going to make about a thousand dollars at the most. a guy just a writer and producer he sent me a track
10:47 am
he had written. and i got call from people at clive davis office he literally lived two blocks away from me in new york city and i went over there and we started -- i wrote the song and you never really know. i just wanted to do something with carlos santana i was such a fan. >> right. >> you never think of what is going to happen it will go anywhere and then i didn't even -- i didn't really know he had any legs -- it had 93 legs i was walking through so low and i saw a car with really a track tiff girl with the top down blaring the song out of their car. this is happening. i wrote 3am before we were a band and wrote me about my mom who had cancer kind of the first song i used as qatar sift. the first time i wrote a song that wasn't just like to try and meet girls in high school. i used to right all thee sappy -- just write all these sappy want to be lionell ritchie songs this was the first song that meant something to me. i held on it. when we started the band that was the first song we
10:48 am
is great and ed sheeran is lot of stuff out there is great. even the stuff i don't graph tight to personally you still can appreciate the bones behind it. mike wife and will get noology an argument about taylor swift. my wife is not a big taylor swift. baby that is undeniable song. listen to that song. >> that's a debate we have on the show all the time. >> pink the guitar listen to it like this. she's like oh, okay maybe you're right. maybe i don't like the way it was reported. >> it's undeniable. >> all right. some of the other big names last night' event peter frampton rob thomas was so excited to see him perform, eric basil i don't know and rhyme highman from the hooters they also wrote cindy lauper's hit time after time. >> i didn't know that. >> i really enjoyed talking with rob thomas. super funny. so laid back. >> gave i was ton of infor information. >> an cues tick cover of taylor swift is coming out. >> i had to add
10:49 am
just for maureen. that's a debate on our show. >> the hooters are from philadelphia too. >> he was super cool i want to keep asking him questions about song writing really told me so many details about the song writing process and how he used to write them in high school to get girls and then he became larger than life. >> private story tellers. >> thanks erin. >> thank you guys. >> 10:49. coming up from the dmv to cuba to canne sour next guest a local designer taking the fag world by storm to say the least and this morning she's showing off some of her hottest looks right here live in the loft. loft.
10:50 am
z2c5pz z16fz
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y2c5py y16fy
10:52 am
>> our next guest is a 25 year old fashion designer who has already made history. she was the first american to do a fashion show in cuba since 1960. she is shown new york fashion week and most recently kelsey dominic the ceo and designer for d domenica design invited to c cann e-z fm festival in france for her biggest show.
10:53 am
before she heads to france she joins us for fashion preview. thank you so much for joining you. >> thank you for having me. >> wow. >> i'm really excite. >> what major accomplishment at only 25 years old. >> people have told me. honestly like when i started the company two years ago i didn't really think that it would come to this either. but i mean i'm so excited to kind of see how it's unfolding and just she how god puts his hand on everything. he's really the one orche orchestrating it. >> amen. amen. i'm a person of faith i know for sure that definitely is a guiding force. what was it about your design that is got the attention of people in cannes so to say she could show her. >> our first day we did in new york fashion week we start networking and somebody who saw our designs there they were just amazed by the smaller collect we did have and attention to detail we had. they extended the invitation it took up until now we did fundraiser to raise $40,000 in order to make sure that this show could come to fruition. >> speaking of shows let's show some of your designs she show stoppers. let's bring the first model out. tell me what she's wearing
10:54 am
from our cuba collection. so you can see the fiery red and all the have i bran colors that kind of come in cuba when you any of it. >> yes. >> just beautiful accent. you can see all the different hasn't details done in the flowers. and of course we had the embellishments i'm a person of sparkle. >> cal lee end thai for sure. let's show our next model. >> next one i mean this is kind of like a more opulent version what that elegant black gown you're supposed to be wearing at a a gala. it's got a lot of detail. thee dimensional versions to it. >> an asian vibe. almost like origami. >> it does. being there, too, different than what you see there but a lot of designers there i mean they have things that are structural pieces. they have architecture inspired in the gowns and so that's something we had to do too. >> beautiful. our next look i am loving this. she looks very festive. >> like a flamenco dancer al almost. >> si she is the most beautiful. for the show you can see on the website, too, had this big big,
10:55 am
they're very romantic people. very loving people. and so this is what really reminded me of the red and all of the different, you know, the al am mower -- >> you capture the essence much this makes me happy and reminds me of cuba. absolutely. >> we have got our final model who has been skipping through here all morning long. >> we have a final one. this is a sneak preview for you guys. this is actually one of the gowns that we're going to be showing in france. so this one and among all these other amazing ones that we have are what we have to show and it just has beautiful attention to detail. this swarofski crystals are hand beaded on there. our france collection when you come up close there's nothing but beauty and shine for everyone to see. let's bring the models out one more time. before we do that you are probably going down in history for being one of the fires designers to do a fashion show underwater. >> y. >> what is this about. >> we recent dull a fashion show or sorry we did photo shoot that was
10:56 am
people can see those on the website, too. the photos afterwards. but now because we got that kind of traction going and we're going to definitely do that for the next following year fashion show under water. >> amazing. okay. so your work is amazing. how can people get a hold you and see you next. go to die custom orders. if you have a wedding coming up or gala coming up those are the orders we take. >> thank you models. you're gorgeous. >> best of luck to you, continued suc success. >> making the dmv proud. >> tuck one final weather look. >> i'm in the officially oh and to. have. >> scoot over. tuck, don't be that way. >> 63 now in washington. i got some weather news. we're going to get sunshine this afternoon and we'll be in the low 70s.
10:57 am
>> thank you for -- that's all you got. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching fox5 news morning. ♪ that your dream bedroom, from a personalized closet, to a well-organized chest of drawers, to a cozy bed, can be yours for less. save up to 20% at the ikea bedroom event.
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